"6 hours of prework cramming down, time for a nap" (February 15th)

an image of someone sleeping with their face in a book


"Got all my homework done!" (February 28th)

an image of someone celebrating on the beach


"Today I broke something I didn’t even know existed, thanks Glenn for fixing it" (March 1st)

an image of someone looking confused

"New assignment"

"So, we had a new assignment dropped on us due before our first assignment is due… what?? Well at least it gives me a project to work on now. Let’s get it!"(March 3rd)

an image of someone writing on a notebook

"Early bird"

"Actually, not hating this whole waking up early thing anymore, code academy is forcing me to be more productive." (March 4th)

an image of a bird eating a worm
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